Addition of new members reflects great interest in brotherhood activity


LENOX — The Lenox Brotherhood Club, with its graceful building of snowy white standing at the intersections of roads leading to Lee and Stockbridge, has taken a new lease on life this year through an important act of the board of governors, who have appointed a director of activities to carry out a definite program for the members of 1937.

The board of governors, more than anyone else, have realized for some time that the club has failed to a certain extent to promote enough activity at the club to hold the interest of its members.

They have obtained the services of Robert R. Dixon of Noroton Heights, Conn., who comes to Lenox, well qualified and capable of handling the job which lies before him, as director to put the Brotherhood Club back on its feet and to make it a community center for Lenox and for residents of neighboring towns and Pittsfield. The clubhouse was built in 1923 by the late Major George E.

Turnure of Lenox and New York, a banker, in memory of his son, George E. Turnure Jr., a young aviator of the World War who died shortly after the close of hostilities. In addition to his initial gift of the land and building, which cost $150,000, Mr. Turnure for years met the annual deficit and paid for many additions to the building equipment.

The new director has placed before the board of governors and members of the club his proposed plans for the year. The initial step being taken by Mr. Dixon is to form a group of organizations within the club, which will function seasonally under the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood.

This week will mark the opening of the organization of the various clubs to carry out programs within the groups for the winter.

Tonight the Dramatic Club will be organized and all who are interested in dramatics are invited to attend.

This club will be open to any member who is interested in directing or acting in plays, costume making, scenery building, makeup, properties or anything that comes under the heading of dramatics.

Tomorrow night a meeting of all interested in outdoor activity has been called and officers for the Outing Club will be elected.

Saturday night the Athletic Club will be formed and this organization will participate in and sponsor competitive sports between clubs outside. Boxing, basketball, fencing and other sports will be included in the Athletic Club’s program.

A Music Club, under the direction of Mrs. George A. Mole, will be organized next week and plans will be made for concerts, minstrel shows and other musical events for the year.